macSvn Help


How to manage an existing working copy?

Open an Finder window, click the "macSvn" button in the toolbar, and choose "Working directories / Manage working directory / Select working directory ..." menu item, and then select your working directory. Alternatively, open your working copy in an Finder window, then click the "macSvn" button in the toolbar, and execute the "Working directories / Manage working directory / Current working directory" menu item.

Manager working copy menu of macSvn

If the "macSvn" button does not exist in the Finder window toolbar, right-click the toolbar and execute the "Customize Toolbar ...", then drag the macSvn button to the toolbar.

Add macSvn icon to Finder toolbar

Alternatively, click the "macSvn" icon in the status bar, and execute the "Working directories / Add working directory" menu item, then select your working directory.

macOS statusbar icon and menu of macSvn

Or open the "Settings" window,select "Working directories / Subversion" page, click the "Add" button in toolbar, and select your working directory to add it to the working directories table. Or drag your working directory to the working directory table.

Working copies manager page of macSvn settings