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Why isn't there badge on folder and file icons in my working copy?

Firstly, you need to add your working copy to the management list of macSvn. See the previous "How to manage an existing working copy?" and "How to check out and manage a new working copy?".

Secondly, Open the "System Settings" window, select "Privacy and Security/Others/Extensions", select "Added Extensions", make sure the check box in front of the "Finder extensions" in the "macSvn" entry is checked.

macOS System Settings/Privacy and Security macOS System Settings/Privacy and Security/Extensions macOS System Settings/Privacy and Security/Extensions/Added Extensions

Some applications also manage directories, such as some file synchronization tools. Although some applications only need to display the icon badge in serival directories, they supervise the entire hard disk root directory. Since the macOS assumes that each directory has at most one application extension monitoring it. If a directory is monitored by multiple application extensions, only the first launched application will display the overlay badge of the icon. In this case, clear the check box in front of the "Finder extension" of other applications, and then re-check them (if necessary).

Thirdly, Open the "System Settings" window, select "General / Login Items", make sure the "macSvn" service entry is allowed in the "Allow in the Background" list.

macOS System Settings/General macOS System Settings/General/Login Items